It started as a revival & became a global church

The Foursquare Church is a Pentecostal Christian denomination. It’s a worldwide movement that includes over 5 million members, over 50,000 churches and nearly 60,000 ministers worldwide. We have a passion to introduce Jesus Christ–the Savior, the Healer, the Baptizer with the Holy Spirit, and the Soon-Coming King–to every person, in every nation, in every culture.

Evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson founded The Foursquare Church in 1923.

What We Believe
An overview of the basic doctrine of The Foursquare Church.

An overview of the various ministries of The Foursquare Church.

An overview of the worldwide evangelism efforts of The Foursquare Church through Foursquare Missions International.

The message of Jesus stays the same, but the delivery of that message shifts with culture, geography and time. Foursquare was founded by a woman who knew this, and it guides us still today. Discover our history and beliefs.

To fulfill the Great Commission, it takes all of us: men and women, young and old. We’re seeking creative solutions, taking action and prayerfully processing how to reach those who need Jesus. See why you’ll fit with Foursquare.

We have an opportunity to be the Church, to represent God’s love and bring healing to a broken world. Prayer, disaster relief, church planting, missions, chaplaincy and more are ways we do this. Find out how to get involved.