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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Short snippets from the day:

Our hope is in Christ!

The same power that resurrected Jesus from the dead lives in us (Rom. 8:11).  That Spirit gave Him new life!  We need to recognize the new life we have because of Jesus.  Jesus came to give us an abundant life.

Ask –  Let me know who I am in You.   Seek –  I am seeking to know You.  Knock – So you can enter into His kingdom now.  (Matt. 7:7-12)

You only have authority in the storms you can sleep in.  Our hope is in Jesus!

What heart is behind your words?  Don’t allow your focus to go negative.

God has all confidence in the power of the cross!  All sin was punished once and for all in Christ.

2 Cor. 5:11-21

  • Christ’s love controls me
  • We’ve died to old habits
  • Jesus reconciled people and no longer counts their sin against them.

Rom. 8:1-17

  • You are free from sin.
  • Jesus, came in the flesh, to show us we can live a pure life in our flesh-  when you live in His Spirit
  • Be marinated in the nature of God.  Not dominated by your sinful nature, or what others say or do.
  • Christ gives life to your mortal body.
  • You are no longer controlled by the sinful nature.  His Spirit lives in you
  • We are under no obligation to live in the flesh.

90% of people do not care about your problems.  The other 10% are glad you have problems.

Our hope is in Christ!  The same power that resurrected Him from the dead, and gave him life again, lives in us and gives us new life.   Let’s live in the resurrected power that lives inside of us!  The new life!  The abundant life, Jesus already paid for it!

Father God has complete confidence in the power of the cross and the resurrection of Jesus.

Thank you Lord for increasing our confidence also and aligning our thinking with Yours!



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