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Sunday, October 29, 2017

        Special Service with Jan Aldridge

The ark of the covenant was taken from Israel.  They didn’t notice that the presence of God was gone until the ark was taken.   Many people do not recognize that God’s presence is not with them.  We need relationship with Him.

Eli was the priest at this time.  He became fat and lazy.  His children did whatever they wanted.

Hannah wanted a child so bad she promised God she would give her child to the Lord.  She had Samuel.  Samuel was raised by Eli.   As a child God spoke to Samuel at night, calling him by name.  Samuel would run to Eli.  “Do you want something?”   After the third time, Eli told Samuel to say “Yes, Lord”.   God spoke to a child because the priest quit listening.  He became complacent.  Eli dies.  The presence of the Lord leaves Israel.

David wants the presence of the Lord back!

Participation is needed to bring a vision into completion.   People can get so full that they become prideful.  We need to use our gifts, or we will use them against each other.

2 Samuel 6

David had the structure, but the presence of God was gone!

Who can come into “MY” presence – “Those who have clean hands and a pure heart”.  You can’t be super saint on Sunday and the rest of the week do what you want.”

“Be still and know that I am God”.

As they are bringing back the ark they get to the threshing floor and the ox stumble.  The threshing floor is to get the flesh out of us.  There is a shaking.  Uzzah reaches out to steady the ark and he is struck dead!  Sometimes it’s not your condition – you are out of position.

When the shaking takes place, we want to push it.  The pushing causes the division in churches.  We see what is taking place and we want to help.  Uzzah lost his life trying to help, wrongly.

David was upset, he left the ark right where it was.  When things start to shake – many leave.  But the presence of God is still being offered.  The anger, frustration, fear, offense won’t allow you to carry the vision.  Let them go and seek the Lord.   David did!

Uzzah was out of place!  The ark was never meant to be carried on a cart.  It was to be carried on the shoulders of the people.

God told David – you haven’t prepared a place for “ME”.

We need to prepare ourselves as the dwelling place of God and then the fire will fall.  Not a temporary place, but a permanent place.  Sanctify, set yourself apart, to carry the presence of God.  Seek Him first.

You don’t need a new cart or object to carry the presence of God.  You are the carrier of His presence.

God wants His people to carry His presence together.  When they do His yoke is easy.  Everyone in the church has a place and each one brings their piece to the table.  When everyone is in their place there is balance in the house.

The enemy may push your buttons to keep us in division.  But when we know our place, we give him (enemy) no place.

Share your God stories with your children so they are prepared to carry the presence of God also.  Older teach the younger – practical insight.  Train them as Samuel was trained to hear the voice of God.

Pastor’s Comment –  Let us pull together.  Carrying our part. Setting ourselves apart to know God – Share Him with others.  We each have a place!  There are many places to be filled to see the vision of reaching others for the Kingdom of God.

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