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Sunday, Noember 5, 2017 Sermon Highlights

How many times have you ever thought:

  • “God, let you down”?
  • “God, where are you?”

How many times have you ever thought:

  • “Satan, is letting me alone”?
  • “Satan has failed!”
  • “Where is Satan?”

The way we think shows what you believe – who is more powerful?

Our hospitals are full of people, yet how many people are not in hospitals? How many people get up every day and go to work, school, shopping?

I challenged you a few weeks ago to ‘fast negativity’.  I suggest, we do not realize how negative we are.

Which Jesus did you bring to Church today?

One you can trust, believe in and are in love with or one you are blaming because you did not get what you wanted?

1 Thess. 5:18 In everything give thanks for this is the will of God in ALL circumstances.

Does your Jesus line up with who Jesus actually is?

Jesus is ALL victorious – love – joy – peace – …

Satan is a defeated foe!!!

Jesus is God’s Son  

  • Omnipotent (ALL powerful)
  • Omniscient (ALL knowing)
  • Omnipresent ( ALWAYS present)

Satan is a fallen angel

  • He is not all powerful
  • all knowing
  • or ever present
  • He is limited!

How many times do you believe Satan to be all powerful/present? He is NOT!!!

We prove the power of God and the failure of the enemy when we Praise God, Give to God and Obey God.

We live in a fallen world until we come to know Christ as Lord and Savior. You can have life in the midst of a fallen world and trying circumstances.

Read 2 Cor. 8 – focus on giving

Giving is more than just your money. I read God, does not need your money (Praise, Obedience), but you need God to have your money (Praise, Obedience).

Is He your source for ALL that you have need of, or is your paycheck, savings account, ability to be frugal? It is your ability to trust God with ALL that you have and need.

Little boy with 2 fish and 5 loaves – gave what he had. Jesus blessed his offering, broke it, then gave it to the disciples to feed 5,000 men (+ women/children). The disciples took up 12 baskets of fragments after everyone had eaten all that they wanted.

In our giving, we want the multiplication before the blessing, breaking and giving. God asks us to give and trust Him to multiply.

Tithing (10%) is a suggested standard of giving to God. A starting point, but we have made it a law to live by. Some cannot and should not give 10%. Others should give more that 10%. What we really need to do is to ask God to show us each week how much we are to give. Tithes, offerings & gifts with a grateful heart. Trusting God to multiply not only what we give, but what we keep.

The enemy wants to keep you looking at what you are doing, what you are giving.

God is looking at your heart, believe and trust in His word.

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