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Sunday, Dec. 31, 2017 Sermon Highlights

Mathew 2:1-23

Wise men saw a star in the sky and they knew that it represented the birth of a King for the Jewish nation.

Watching and studying stars is something that has been forever.

Job 9:9  Job talks about God creating the Bear, Orion and Pleiades.  These are constellations in the sky.

Orion, the great hunter.  In this constellation the start Betelgeuse lies on the shoulder of the hunter and is 1000 times the radius of the sun.  A star name Rigel is also in this constellation and it is 40,000 times brighter than the sun.

Pleiades, has 6 stars that are visible to the naked eye.  There are 500 starts in this cluster.

In Job 38:31  God talks to Job, can you bind the cluster of  Pleiades?  Orion, can you take off his belt?  

Man has used the stars to travel with and these wise men knew there was a big event taking place the night Jesus was born.

God could have spoken a star into existence the night of Jesus birth but His plans are not last minute.  He designed the starts and planned for them to be in the right place for the wise men to see them.  He designed the wise men to already be looking and expecting for a new king to be born.  They accepted the challenge.

Think about these men.  They went looking for a new-born king.  They didn’t travel by plane, car, or  train.  They didn’t have hotels to stop in along the way.  There wasn’t fast food restaurants.  No internet to go to for directions. They had to prepare for this adventure.  Food, being away for an unplanned time, clothing, even the gifts they brought were planned before they left home.  They had no idea how long they would be gone.

When they met King Herod and told of this new king, the prophecy from Micah 5:2 was read to explain where this child was to be born.  In Bethlehem.  When the wise men started out after meeting Herod the star went before them and when they found the place they rejoiced with great joy.  The night Jesus was born the angel said there would be great joy to all people!  It is a joyous experience to find what you are looking for.

These men put their life on hold until they found the new-born king.  By the time they found Him He was no longer in the stable but in a house.  They traveled for over a year or more till they found Jesus.  Herod had all the little boys under the age of two killed thinking he would get rid of this new king.

We need the dedication these men had, to prepare for our adventure with Jesus and to stick with it no matter the difficulties or length of time.  Just as God directed them to start, He also directed them after they found Jesus and told them to go home a different way.  Don’t let Herod know you found Him.

God continues to direct our steps if we will listen.  He did for the wise men.  He did it for Joseph and Mary.  Take the child and go to Egypt.  Okay now you can go back to Israel.  Oh you are afraid, then go into Galilee, to the city of Nazareth and you will be safe.  God understood Josephs fear of going back to a place they wanted to kill this baby he was given to raise and redirected their steps.  God wants to do the same for each of us.

God knows each of us very well.  

Jeremiah 29:11 says he knows the thoughts He has for us.  Thoughts to prosper us and not for evil.  To give us hope and an expected end.   Even though during this time the people were in captivity.  God told them to build houses and marry and plant gardens.  He had a plan for them.  Just as He does for each of us.

Romans 8:28 says all things work together for good to those who love God and are called by Him.  He isn’t going to leave us. 

He is a friend that sticks closer than a brother.

As 2018 starts readjust your relationship with the Lord.  Get purposeful!  Make a plan!  Stick with it!  Find out more about Him.  Read His word.  Join us on the “Life Journal” reading plan for 2018 as we set our sights on knowing Jesus more and more.

2 Peter 1:2 Grace and peace be multiplied to you in the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord.

The more we get to know God and Jesus the more He works in our lives by His grace.  The more we see Him in our lives the more peace we have!  Get to know God and His Son Jesus, make a plan, stick with it, get purposeful!


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