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Prayer Point for 1/8 from Foursquare

The Christian life is about more than having faith; it is necessary that we be found faithful. Faithfulness is permanence in the ways of God. When we are filled with the Holy Spirit, we begin to grow in faithfulness.

A faithful or loyal person is one who remains constant in his affections, in the fulfillment of his obligations, in the trust he owes to another. Faithfulness is linked with gratitude. A loyal person is one who has received good from another and has not forgotten it.

Unfaithful is the one who betrays, the ungrateful person who has forgotten the good that has been done to him. God is the epitome of faithfulness to us. Psalm 89:8 says, “You, Lord, are mighty, and Your faithfulness surrounds You.” God is faithful to His promises; His words are eternal and do not change. In His great love, God has remained faithful from the beginning. His faithfulness is eternal and perfect.

—Sergio Cáceres is the Foursquare national leader of Argentina


Lord, may I be found faithful!

May I be part of a generation that is influential and inspirational. In times of temptation and trial.

I choose to be faithful to the One who has called me.

Thank You Lord that my character can change to be more like Yours.  Holy Spirit work in me to exalt Christ as Lord of Lords and demonstrate the signs of His love.

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