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Sermon Highlights from Jan. 8, 2018

Life Journal Reading:

GenesisNoah listened, built, was abused, entered, was protected, blessed, got drunk and naked in his tent

Ham saw him and went out and told his brothers who went in backwards, and covered their Dad. Because Ham told his brothers, his son, Canaan was cursed. Canaan was not his oldest son, but he was cursed by God to be the servant of all.

Canaan became the father of the Canaanites, the Sidonites, the Hittites, etc.

Ham was the youngest son of Noah, yet he is usually listed as 2nd. Shem, Ham and Japheth

Just noting interesting things, I saw as I was reading Genesis.

Tower of Babel – build to make a name for themselves, pride. God brought confusion to divide and send them all over the place.

Luke 4 – Temptation of Jesus – tempted with pride – same temptation as Eve and Adam – “Did God really say…” “I will you …, if you …” “If you are …”

Jesus honored His Father in all His responses. Ham, not so much

How many times does the enemy come to us and challenge God’s word? “Did God really say …” “You aren’t forgiven because …” “If you are healed, then …” “You haven’t changed because you …” “If you are …”

All of our life is about the Kingdom of God and His son, Jesus.

Psalm 3 So many are saying “God will never rescue him.” But you oh Lord, are a shield around me; You are my glory, and the lifter of my head.

Luke 7 – Faith of a Roman officer “Lord don’t trouble yourself, just say the word from where you are.”

How do we recognize the enemy’s challenges to God’s words? Slowdown in your emotional reactions – stop, think – ‘would God really say …?’ ‘Does God really say …’

What does God want to be for you in this situation, that He could not be for you without this situation?

You know, He is that for you anyway, whether you recognize it or not.

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