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Sermon Highlights, Sunday, February 11, 2018

Reading through the Old Testament,  read with New Testament eyes.


Psalm 15, ask the question, who will abide in God’s tabernacle?  Who will dwell in His holy hill?  Then it gives a list of what that person looks like:

  • They walk uprightly
  • are righteous
  • speak truth
  • they do not talk about people behind their back
  • They do not do evil to their neighbors
  • they don’t take up a negative disapproving opinion of their friend
  • They honor those who fear the Lord
  • do not change to protect themselves from pain
  • Nor do they lend their money for interest
  • or take money to speak against an innocent person


With New Testament eyes we realize we are not doing these things to get into heaven we are doing them because we are already apart of heaven.  It is the blood of Jesus who has made the way for us.


Acts 13:38-39 Let it be known to you that through Jesus is preached to you the forgiveness of sins.  And BY Him everyone who believes is justified from ALL things from which you could not be made right by the law of Moses.


Acts 15 Jesus is all we need!  The Jews were trying to get the new believers to come into alignment with their beliefs in circumcision.  No, just Jesus!


Verse 11We believe that through the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ we shall be saved….


Acts 16, Paul wanted to go to Asia, the Holy Spirit said, NO.  He tried to go to Bithynai, but the Spirit said, NO.  They kept traveling and Paul has a vision of a man from Macedonia asking him to come and help them. Paul recognized God’s leading.


While there a girl follows them around saying, these men are the servants of the most high God.  It bothered Paul and one day he rebuked the spirit in the girl and it left her.  The girl’s owners became angry, took Paul and Silas to the magistrate, claiming they were troubling the city, teaching things that were unlawful.  The Magistrate had Paul and Silas stripped naked, beaten, thrown in jail.


Paul and Silas knows who they are, God’s children, because they believe in Jesus. They didn’t go into the jail and pout, or complain about how bad the government was, or go into depression and blame God for their situation.  They began to praise!

Paul and Silas lived Psalm 15.  They were:

  • walking uprightly
  • in right standing with God
  • speaking the truth
  • not talking bad about people who just beat them and threw them in prison
  • not changing their story to keep them out of prison


When they began to praise God in the midst of their circumstances, the place shook, their chains fell off, the doors flew open!  The jailer wanted to kill himself but instead he accept that this Jesus Paul and Silas was talking about was real and the jailer and his whole household accepted the Lord!


Believers in Christ:

Live differently

Are the light of the world

Focus on the good

Praise! No matter the situation


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