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Sermon Highlights February 25, 2018

Know your foundation!

Numbers tells us stories where people have fallen off of the foundation of God.

Numbers 11 the people complain against God.  They had intense cravings!  They wanted what they wanted.  Not what God was giving them.  The Lord was angry with them.

Numbers 12  Miriam and Aaron (Moses brother and sister) are upset with Moses because they don’t like who he married.  God called them together and Miriam came down with leprosy.  Aaron asks for forgiveness.  Moses cries out to the Lord for her healing.

Numbers 13  Twelve spies are sent in to the promised land that God is going to give to them.  Ten of them bring back a bad report.  It’s nice place but the people are to big and strong for us to go up against them.

Numbers 14  The people complain against Moses and decide they will get a new leader and go back to Egypt.  Moses and Aaron fall on their face before the Lord because they know what can happen when you come against God.   Joshua and Caleb tear their clothes and try to convince the people to respect the Lord and not rebel against Him.  You don’t have to fear the people.  The Lord is with us.  But the people wanted to stone Joshua and Caleb.   The Lord is angry and wants to kill the people.  Moses intercedes for them asking God to forgive them.  The Lord says I will forgive according to your word.  The Lord forgives but says these people will get what they are complaining about.

Numbers 16  Two hundred and fifty leaders come against Moses.  You take on to much.  All of the congregation is holy.  The Lord is among them as well.  Why are you exalted above the people?   Moses fell on his face before the Lord (he knows what could happen).   Who is with the complainers?  Who is with the Lord?  Then God caused and earthquake and opens up the ground and swallows up all the complainers.   Apparently not all of them because then the people started yelling at Moses, “You killed the people of God”.   NO he didn’t.  God opened the ground.  Not Moses.

Since the garden the enemy is constantly causing accusations against the Lord and His people.  It happened in the garden, it happened in the book of Numbers, it happened in the New Testament and it is still happening today.  When we are accusing others we may be accusing God.  God has put in place the law of sowing and reaping.  When we are blessing others, we receive blessings.  When we are cursing others we are receiving curses.

Any place we see dislike, jealousy, gossip, complaining, division, discontent the enemy is at work.

Mark 3:24-27  Jesus explains – A kingdom that is divided cannot stand.  A house that is divided cannot stand. No one can enter a strong mans house and plunder his goods unless he first binds the strong man, then he can take his goods.

We do not want to allow ourselves to be bound with fear, hatred, anger, divisiveness.

We want to stay attached to love, gentleness, peace, unity.  We want to carry the same spirit that Moses, Joshua, Caleb carried.  The spirit that respects the Lord, hears His voice and follows His plans.

Colossians 3:12-17  The elect of God are holy and deeply loved.  They carry a spirit of mercy, kindness, humility, patience.  Forgiving each other.  Living in a spirit of LOVE and thankfulness. The peace of God ruling their hearts.

This is our foundation!  Stand fast in your belief of the Father!

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