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Let’s Start – MyStart Journal

Pastor Kevin and Dave challenged the youth to start journaling with God each week.  To set  time aside and listen to what the Lord might be saying as they read a few verses each day, and the Lord has been speaking.

When was the last time you heard the voice of God speak to you?

Hearing God’s voice is not just something for teens, we all need to hear the voice of our Father.  Consider joining us as we develop relationship with the Father by listening to His voice.

As you read God’s word follow these simple steps and discover what God would say to you today!

  • Scripture – Slowly read the scripture out loud.
  • Think – Read it again.  What is the scripture saying?  How does it apply to your own personal life.
  • Ask – Read it one more time, and write a small prayer about what the Spirit is stirring in your heart.
  • Rest – Set the timer for 2-5 minutes, and listen.  Don’t pray, simply listen to the Holy Spirit.  What He is saying?  Write down what He says.
  • Tell – Share what God has spoken to you with someone else!


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