Sermon Highlight, October 7, 2018

30 years ago, Sally Johnson felt a call to the country and people of Costa Rica.  She shared the blessing of seeing God transform lives.  Her message to us:

Even when people feel they are no-bodies, and no one notices them, God does!

Matthew 15:21-28, is the story of a woman who comes to Jesus looking for help for her daughter.  Jesus tells her, “I didn’t come for you and I can’t give the children’s bread to dogs.”

This woman didn’t take offense.  Yet being called a dog is very offensive.  She did not give up.  She knew her only hope was in this man Jesus.  Her response to Jesus statement was, even the dogs get to eat the crumbs from the children’s table.

Jesus was impressed with her response and told her she had GREAT FAITH, her request was granted!

There are many instances in life to take offense.  Offenses stop relationships in families and churches. Yet we will only succeed in life when we do not allow offenses to win.

Just a little from Jesus is enough!  Knock, seek, ask, don’t give up.  He is listening and will respond. Sometimes we must be persistent.

Just a little from the master is more than enough!

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