Sermon Highlight, Sunday, February 3, 2019

People!  We like to figure things out!  But God wants us to spend time with Him.

The question is…… Are you shaping your life?  Or…. Is your life shaping you?  And which one of these questions is the right question?

If we are shaping our life, then we cannot rest because there is always something to do.  We are either living or dying in our situations.  Getting bitter or better.  Or you can ask God “What do you want to do for me?”

What is it that brings you peace?  If it is things or people, they must always be working right and everything going well to have peace.  But, God, He never changes.  We must learn to get our peace from Him

James 1:2-4   When troubles come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy!  When your faith is tested it is an opportunity to grow.

These verses can only become real when our focus is Jesus.

Acts 12:1-17 Peter is in a situation.  He is in prison.  They must have thought him pretty dangerous because he is surrounded by guards and chained up.  This situation could be shaping him.  The church is praying, and Peter is sound asleep.   God sends an angel.  The angel strikes Peter, wake up! The chains fall off!  The angel tells him to get dressed.  Peter follows the angel from the cell.  They pass the first and second set of guards, no one wakes up.  They come to the iron gate and it opens for them all by itself.  As they walk down the street the angel disappears!  Peter realizes this is not a dream.  This is real! He runs to Mary’s house, knocks on the door.  A young girl comes to the door, recognizes Peters voice but doesn’t let him in.  She runs to tell the others – “Peter is at the door!”.   Peter continues to knock.  When they finally let him in, they are all in amazement as he tells them how God delivered him by sending an angel.

Whatever brings you peace must keep you in peace.  Peter kept his peace even in prison because his peace was in Jesus.

In our situations we need to pray earnestly and keep our peace.  Then when God begins to work, we need to believe He is.

Stop trying to figure things out.  Sit quietly with the Lord and let Him work.

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