Sermon Highlights, January 13, 2019

Ephesians 6:10-18

As Paul watched the Romans soldiers that guarded him, he saw a connection in the spiritual realm to the physical realm.  The soldiers were well trained and well equipped.  They had confidence and knew when they spoke, they had the power of Rome behind them.  They were battling for a physical kingdom.

Paul saw the followers of Christ are not battling for a physical kingdom but a spiritual one.  That God has equipped us with everything we need to live in this life.  Just as a soldier is trained, we must allow ourselves to be trained in the ways of the Lord.

Some major points Paul shares are:

  • Live by God’s power not your own
  • Be nice to people – they are not your enemy
  • Resist the enemy’s tactics to get you to act like him
  • Live in TRUTH
  • Live in what is Right according to God’s truth
  • Live in peace
  • Know what you believe and how to share what you believe with others (Your faith)
  • Let your mind be renewed by the word of God (you need to read the Bible, study it alone and with friends)
  • Stay in communication with God – (Prayer)
  • Stay alert
  • Be persistent

One day we will stand before the Lord and we want to hear, “Well done thou good and faithful servant”.

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