Sermon Highlights, Sunday, September 9, 2018

Family Focus

Our children are like arrows!

  • Shaft – Your child’s character
  • Fletching’s – Your child’s relationships
  • Cresting – Their identity (Who are they? Who do thy belong to?)
  • Point – What mission/goal are they aiming for
  • Nock – Their position/place

Just as children are arrows so are each of us.  Who we are matters for them and us.  You can only shape who you are.  We are not perfect parents.  They are not perfect children. But we strive for better.

Every parent needs:

  • A Bible that isn’t dusty (Proverbs 9:6-12)  

The Bible is amazing.  It is and has been banned in some countries.  If it gets into those countries it is because it is smuggled in, just like drugs are smuggled in.   The Bible is a very powerful book.  People are afraid of it, they try to stop it.  When we learn and know and become what God is teaching us in the Bible and begin to live it we carry the same power.

Verse 10  The fear of the Lord is the foundation of wisdom.  Knowledge of the Holy One results in good judgment.

  • An understanding of the times and the wisdom to act
    • 1 Chronicles 12:32  This chapter list King David’s might men and what they can do.  This verse says there were a group of men who knew and understood their time.  What was taking place in their day and age.  We need to know how things are happening today so we can direct our children and ourselves in this day and age.  Not the old days, this present day!
      • What is your view of the world we live in?
      • How does God fit into your thinking?
      • Are their morale absolutes, clear right and wrong? What are you basing your convictions on?
      • What does the Bible say about sexual immorality, living together, divorce, pornography, abortion, bullying and a 100 other things people are questioning today?
    • A right vision of children Psalm 139 – God has a plan for their lives and our lives before we are conceived.
      • It is NOT they are to be seen and not heard!
      • It is NOT they are the center of our homes!
      • They are made in the image of God (Genesis 1:26)
      • They are His messengers who will carry His message from one generation to the next.
      • They are a promise
      • They are a gift, a blessing a reward from the Lord. (Psalm 127:3)
    • A clear road map – where are you going, where are you directing your child
      • Accepting your child
        • during the difficult times and helping to direct them through them
      • With the goal of releasing your child one day to be on their own
    • A team approach
      • As Dad & Mom you are working together to accomplish this God given assignment. You need to get on the same team!   Don’t fight each other!  If you are separated from your child’s other parent, get on the same team!
    • A core value list – What do you believe?  Where are you directing yourself, your child?
    • A commitment to community
      • Our children need to see that their family isn’t the center of the universe either.
      • There is a bigger picture and we need others
      • Who are you standing with?
      • Working through issues with?
    • Prayer
      • Lord I need wisdom to know what to do now, next. (James 1:5)
      • Lord protect my children (Isaiah 49:25)
      • God give my child good friends. Ones that will encourage them in their relationship with you and not hinder it.
      • When I find them doing wrong, give me the wisdom to know how to direct them to the right.
      • Help me to catch them doing right and complimenting their behavior
      • Help my spouse and I work together well in accomplishing their upbringing


Father help our families become whole, healthy, complete in you.  Give us understanding hearts and hearts that are willing to live as you have directed us to.  Holy Spirit open our understanding and give us boldness to step up allowing us as parents to be aimed in the right direction, so we can aim our children in the right direction.  In Jesus name we pray, amen!

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